Swine Flu - Influenza A (H1N1)

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Boahkuheapmi ođđa influenssa vuostá A (H1N1) - spiidneinflueansa

Vaccination is regarded to be the most effective action in the prevention of the pandemic influenza Swine Flu. Health authorities recommend that those who are at risk for complications be vaccinated in order to prevent serious illness and death. In Norway, the vaccine will be offered to the entire population at a cost of NOK 100 per dose. Two doses will be given within three week intervals.

The vaccination of priority groups will start in week 44 at the Seminaret ReHabiliterings- og omsorgsenter, Seminarbakken 1 (see map above). Please follow the instructions given in the local papers or at www.tromso.kommune.no/svineinfluensa. An identity card and Norwegian ID-number must be submitted.  

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health recommends the following vaccination priorities:  

1. Pregnant women in the 2nd and 3rd trimester

2. Adults and children 6 months or older with the following conditions:

  • chronic respiratory tract illnesses
  • chronic heart and cardiovascular disease
  • reduced immunity to infections/infection deficiency
  • Diabetes type 1 or 2
  • chronic kidney- or liver deficiency
  • chronic neurological illness or injury
  • persons with sustained overweight (BMI>40)

3. Health personnel  

Those who are not at risk will then be offered the vaccine as soon as possible.  

Due to restricted parking, we kindly ask you not to drive to the vaccination site.

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