The library is a natural meeting place, as well as a place where you can keep yourself informed about events in the city. You can borrow books and films from a diverse collection, and there is free access to computers, wireless Internet and newspapers from around the world. In the neighbourhoods Kroken and Tromsdalen you can find branches of the library.

Fokus Cinema, with its six auditoriums, is located in the same building as the City Hall and the library. Verdensteatret – another cinema in Tromsø – is an alternative to the more commercial films set up at Fokus Cinema. At the Culture House you can experience everything from classical music and dance recitals, to jazz clubs and rock concerts.

The activities offered by the Culture School are first and foremost for children, but they have some for adults too. The activities include music, dance and play. The Culture School is very popular, so apply in good time! Alfheim’s Activity House organises culture and leisure activities for physically disabled people of all ages. Kulta, located in Tromsdalen, is the meeting place for amateurs and professional artists, and provides courses within different circus and theatre disciplines. Rådstua Theatre House is a centre for theatre activities based on interaction between and among independent theatrical groups, as well as children and youth that would like to engage in theatre. The Art School offers courses within drawing, painting, textile, photography, animation, video art
and ceramics. The courses are for children, youth and adults, and the instructors are professional artists.

The Youth House Tvibit is a cultural house for youth between the ages of 15 to 25. At Tvibit you can find a café, health clinic, filmschool as well as a stage. The house offers a safe platform for young creative people; it is a source of creativity and driving force in the cultural city of Tromsø.

The Factories of Rock in Tromsø have produced numerous excellent musicians. The courses are offered at Kvaløysletta, Kroken, Hamna and Mellomvegen. Get in touch with the Centre for Competence in Rock in the Northern Norway at Tvibit.

In most of the neighbourhoods you will find junior or youth clubs. The clubs are usually located at the schools or nearby, and are under the jurisdiction of the municipal Leisure Department. The clubs offer different activities for youth and children like music, dance, play and sometimes even a café. Several of the clubs also offer courses within theatre, photography and film.

During the last few years the Leisure Department have organised summer camps for children and youth, as well as Summer Clubs through the Junior and Youth Clubs. And at Tvibit you can find something called “Little Job
Central”, where summer jobs are assembled for youth.

The municipality have numerous possibilities for skiing and hiking, with the fjords and the mountains, the ski and hiking trails. During winter the flood lit ski tracks are kept in good condition, and ski tracks are also prepared in the mountains surrounding the city late winter. You can find good parking possibilities at the most popular spots.

For families with children there exist several excellent excursion spots in the local periphery, summer as well as winter. Charlottenlund and Storelva Ski Park are just two examples of meeting places for young children and youth. Here you can find ball games, sledging and other fun activities. You can also often witness families setting up bonfires and barbequing sausages.

If you want to enroll in a sports club or another recreational activity, you can find a list of alternatives on the municipality’s website.