Day Cares Centres in Tromsø are both private and municipal-owned. All children will be assigned a place at a Day Care Centre after submission of an application. However, sometimes you will have to wait for a short period of time, and you might also be assigned a place in another Day Care.

Application for Day Care
Health Form

(grades 1. – 7.) and Secondary Schools (grades 8. – 10.) are sometimes co-localised, but most of them are just one or the other. Children start school at their assigned local school. Pupils in grade one with more than two km to their local school and second grade pupils with more than four are entitled to free transport.

Information about foreign languages education can be found on the municipality’s website or you can contact the Service Centre. Here you can also find an overview of the school holidays.

Norwegian primary schools have a relatively short school day, from first to fourth grades it lasts until around one pm. Before school begins and for the remaining part of the day, the school provides an After-School Activity Programme (SFO) for first to fourth grade pupils on the school premises. SFO usually opens at 7.30 am and lasts until 4.30 pm. SFO is also available for physically disabled children up to the tenth grade. You can get more information about SFO at the different schools.

The six High Schools in Tromsø offers everyone who has completed primary and secondary schooling a broad selection of subjects and courses. The High Schools are under the jurisdiction of Troms County.

The Adult Education School offers adult immigrants Norwegian language courses and introduction to Norwegian society and culture. The Adult Education School can also provide you with information on rights and regulations
concerning Norwegian language courses. In addition, the school arranges for primary and secondary education for adults if necessary. The school also has their own speech therapist.