How to vote in Norwegian municipal and county council elections

Here you’ll find information brochures on how you could have voted at the municipal council and county council elections in 2019.

Sunday 8 and Monday 9 September 2019, municipal councils and county council elections were held in Tromsø municipality.
The Norwegian Directorate of Elections prepared information brochures about who can vote, when, where and how to vote.
The information brochure was available in 16 different languages, both on paper and digitally.
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Information brochures
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Tromsø municipality is one of the municipalities that this year participates in an e-vote trial. On August 5, 54 000 people in the Tromsø municipality received this year's election card electronically.

You received the voting card in your digital mailbox or at

We greatly appreciate if you share this information so that more people know how to use their voting rights.