The Municipality of Tromsø wishes to make use of the environmental and economic benefits of recycling and re-use, hence all our garbage is organised and sorted: Food, paper, light cardboard, plastic and the rest of the garbage not classified above are all sorted in the privacy of your home. The waste is sorted in different coloured bags that are optically sorted at the waste plant. The bags can be picked up for free at the Service Centre.

Special waste such as clothes, glass, electronics, paints, chemicals, oil and other similar waste can be taken to the Environment Stations or Recycling Points that you can find around the municipality. Once a year a calendar is sent to all the households, the calendar lets you know on which days the waste will be picked up. It also includes a guide for recycling and sorting.

Our water is treated to achieve the best possible quality, and you can drink water straight from the tap. The quality of the water is checked once a week. If you should be inconvenienced with no water because of a planned water stop the municipality guarantees that the stop will not last for more than 12 hours. If the water stop was not planned this guarantee is set to six hours. The water that you have used ends up in a sewer system and is transported to the nearest treatment plant before it is once again returned to nature.

All the buses with destinations to regions around the municipality as well as to Narvik, Harstad, Storslett, Alta and so forth have their bus stop at Prostneset. At Kirkegata 2 you can buy all kinds of tickets. Except for Tromsø Airport Prostneset is the city’s major transport hub. From Prostneset there are also Speed Boats to several places north and south of the county, and the Coastal Steamer has one departure north and one south every day.