s. 88:

"Tromsø, said to be the Paris of the North, the capital of the district of Troms; ten thousand inhabitants, the seat of vinmonopolet, bishop, and of expeditions for seals; besides that, it is noted for its museum, beautiful surroundings, and for being situated on latitude 70. A brisk trade in post-cards, chocolate, lapland babouches, and tobacco, as well as in Arctic furs; here, as a memento I could have bought a fresh walrus head, but it was too large, and its smell was dreadful. The pavements of the town of Tromsø are profusely enlivened with Lapps in national costumes, and with stuffed polar bears, and anything else about Tromsø I do not know - only that from here Amundsen flew with the French airmen on his last journey North, a little monument close by the harbour refers to it."